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About Us

IPL Latest Update is a sports website to connect you to all the latest happenings in the world of sports with news and opinion based articles from various sports. IPL Latest Update is one of the leading online sports mediums across the world. The digital platform has grabbed the attention of an audience worldwide.

Here you get all latest sports updates from the cricketing ground to the badminton court. The dedicated team at IPL Latest Update has been continuously on the lookout to provide insights, pre and post-match stuff and plenty with 24/7 window.

However, the prime aim is to serve the cricketing globe with all the news, views and opinions with India being full of sports enthusiasts.


IPL Latest Update aims to provide an extensive and engaging coverage of all sports on the digital platform.

Our goal is to take the sports reporting to the next level while having the passionate and energetic team at the help.

WHY IPL Latest Update?

It covers more than 20 sporting events occurring over the globe. Ranked among the top 200 websites in India, IPL Latest Update has seen a rapid rise.

Considering a reach of more than 20 million and 80 million impressions in a month, the sports organization aims to deliver the authentic information in every language, both nationally and globally.


IPL Latest Update is a single destination where ones get all the latest news related to sports. We feature large repository of latest sports News, Fixture, Schedules, Team News, Team and Players Ranking and Team statistics released by reputed expertise in this field. IPL Latest Update also carries the capability to assist readers to write unique and new stories about sports. IPL Latest Update is the comprehensive collection of the latest sports news.

IPL Latest Update, a widely recognized sports online portal based out in Pune, was founded in 2018.